Western Shoreline
  Improve Public Transit Access to the Coast
  Improve Crosstown Public Public Transit Connections
  Provide Transit Connections Amongst the Important Coastal Recreational Areas
WES.TRA.1.3   Connect Local Transit with Regional Transit Services
WES.TRA.1.4   Provide Incentives for Transit Usage
WES.TRA.1.5   Consolidate the Municipal Railway Turnaround
WES.TRA.1.6   Provide Transit Shelters at the Beach
WES.GHW The Great Highway
WES.GHW.2   Redesign the Great Highway to Enhance its Scenic Qualities
WES.GHW.2.1   Develop the Great Highway Right-of-Way as a Parkway
WES.GHW.2.2   Maintain the Landscaped Recreational Corridor to Link with Other Parks
WES.GHW.2.3   Provide for a Continuation of the Bicycle Trail
WES.GHW.2.4   Improve Public Access to Ocean Beach from Golden Gate Park
WES.GHW.2.5   Locate Beach Parking so that the Great Highway Need Not be Crossed
WES.GHW.2.6   Provide Permanent Beach User Parking
WES.GHW.2.7   Improve Pedestrian Crossing Safety
WES.GHW.2.8   Enhance Personal Safety by Lighting Parking Areas and Pedestrian Crossings
WES.GHW.2.9   Improve Public Access to Ocean Beach South of Lincoln Avenue
WES.GGP Golden Gate Park
WES.GGP.3   Enhance the Recreational Connection between Golden Gate Park and the Beach Frontage
WES.GGP.3.1   Strengthen the Physical Connection between the Park and Beach
WES.GGP.3.2   Continue to Implement Long-Term Reforestation at the western portion of Golden Gate Park
WES.GGP.3.3   Develop and Revise Golden Gate Park Plans to Improve Recreational Access in the Western Portion
WES.GGP.3.4   Rehabilitate the Beach Chalet for Increased Visitor Use
WES.ZOO.4   Improve the Quality of the Zoo
WES.ZOO.4.1   Maintain the Landscaped Park-Like Atmosphere of the Zoo
WES.ZOO.4.2   Enhance Visitor Interest in the Zoo
WES.ZOO.4.3   Allow Location of Sewage Treatment Facilities on Zoo Property
WES.ZOO.4.4   Expand the Existing Zoo Area West Toward the Great Highway and South Toward Skyline Blvd.
WES.ZOO.4.5   Provide a Protective Wind Berm Along the Great Highway
WES.ZOO.4.6   Enhance the Entrance to the Zoo
WES.ZOO.4.7   Provide Visitor Parking Near the Zoo Entrance
WES.ZOO.4.8   Expand the Recreation Center for Additional Use by Handicapped Persons
WES.LKM Lake Merced
WES.LKM.5   Preserve the Recreational and Natural Habitat of Lake Merced
WES.LKM.5.1   Preserve the Recreational Facilities in the Lake Merced Area
WES.LKM.5.2   Maintain a Multiple-Use Recreational Pathway Around Lake Merced
WES.LKM.5.3   Allow only those Activities in Lake Merced Area that will Preserve Water Quality
WES.LKM.5.4   Replace the Police Pistol Range with Recreational Facilities
WES.OCB Ocean Beach
WES.OCB.6   Maintain and Enhance the Recreational Use of the Ocean Beach Shoreline
WES.OCB.6.1   Continue Ocean Beach as a Natural Public Beach Area
WES.OCB.6.2   Improve and Stabilize the Sand Dunes
WES.OCB.6.3   Maintain the Beach in a State that is Free of Litter and Debris
WES.OCB.6.4   Improve the Condition and Appearance of the Esplanade
WES.OCB.6.5   Enhance Visitor Facilities at Ocean Beach
WES.OCB.6.6   Extend the Seawall Promenade South to Sloat Blvd.
WES.SHP Sutro Heights Park
WES.SHP.7   Preserve and Restore Sutro Heights Park
WES.SHP.7.1   Continue the Recereational Use of Sutro Heights Park
WES.SHP.7.2   Restore Elements of the Historic Garden
WES.SHP.7.3   Improve Access between Golden Gate Park and Sutro Heights Park
WES.SHP.7.4   Protect the Natural Bluffs Below Sutro Heights Park
WES.CLF Cliff House - Sutro Baths
WES.CLF.8   Maintain the Visitor Attractiveness of the Cliff House and Sutro Bath Complex
WES.CLF.8.1   Develop the Cliff House/Sutro Bath Area as a Nature-Oriented Shoreline Park
WES.CLF.8.2   Restore the Cliff House to its 1909 or Earlier Appearance
WES.CLF.8.3   Provide a Clearly Marked and Well Maintained Pathway System
WES.CLF.8.4   Redesign Parking and Circulation in the Cliff House Region
WES.CLF.8.5   Mitigate the Noise and Air Pollution Caused by Tour Busses
WES.FTF Fort Funston
WES.FTF.9   Conserve the Natural Cliff Environment Along Fort Funston
WES.FTF.9.1   Maximize the Natural Qualities of Fort Funston
WES.FTF.9.2   Permit but Regulate Hanggliding to Avoid Conflict with Other Uses
WES.OCC Olympic Country Club
WES.OCC.10   Retain the Open Space Quality of the Olympic Country Club Area
WES.OCC.10.1   If the Private Golf Course is Discontinued, Acquire it for Public Recreation
WES.OCC.10.2   Maintain the Existing Public Easement Along the Beach
WES.OCC.10.3   Consolidate the Informal Trails and Develop a Formal Trail System on the Western Bluffs
WES.RIS Richmond and Sunset Residential Neighborhoods
WES.RIS.11   Preserve the Scale of Development along the Coastal Zone Area
WES.RIS.11.1   Preserve the Scale and Character of Neighborhoods by Regulating Density
WES.RIS.11.2   Develop the Former Playland-at-the-Beach Site as a Residential/Commercial Area
WES.RIS.11.3   Continue Enforcement of Citywide Housing Policies and Codes
WES.RIS.11.4   Increase the Amount of Housing Units, Especially for Low and Moderate Income People
WES.RIS.11.5   Work with Other Governmental Funding Agencies to Acquire Private Development Assistance
WES.RIS.11.6   Protect the Richmond and Sunset Neighborhoods from Nearby Traffic and Visitor Impacts
WES.RIS.11.7   Maintain a Community Business District Along Sloat Blvd.
WES.COH Coastal Hazards

Preserve, enhance, and restore the ocean beach shoreline while protecting public access, scenic quality, natural resources, critical public infrastructure, and existing development from coastal hazards

WES.COH.12.1   Adopt Managed Retreat Adaptation Measures Between Sloat Boulevard and Skyline Drive
WES.COH.12.2   Develop and Implement Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plans for the Western Shoreline.
WES.COH.12.3   Develop and Implement a Beach Nourishment Program to Sustain Ocean Beach
WES.COH.12.4   Develop the Shoreline in a Responsible Manner
WES.COH.12.5   Limit Shoreline Protection Devices
WES.COH.12.6   Minimize Impacts of Shoreline Protection Devices