Commerce and Industry
CAI.INT Introduction
CAI.GEN General/Citywide
  Manage Economic Growth and Change
  Encourage Beneficial Economic Development
  Assure Reasonable Economic Development Performance Standards
  Locate Economic Activities According to a Generalized Land Use Plan
  Establish Commercial/Industrial Density Limits
  Maintain and Enhance a Sound Economic Base
  Retain Attract New Economic Development
CAI.GEN.2.2   Seek Equitable Revenue Measures
CAI.GEN.2.3   Maintain a Favorable Social and Cultural Climate
CAI.GEN.3   Provide Expanded Employment Opportunities
CAI.GEN.3.1   Attract Opportunities for Unskilled and Semi-skilled Workers
CAI.GEN.3.2   Increase the Number of San Francisco Jobs Held by San Francisco Residents
CAI.GEN.3.3   Emphasize Job Training and Retraining Programs
CAI.GEN.3.4   Assist Newly Emerging Economic Activities
CAI.IND Industry
CAI.IND.4   Improve the Viability of Existing Industry
CAI.IND.4.1   Maintain and Enhance a Favorable Business Climate in the City.
CAI.IND.4.2   Promote and Attract those Economic Activities with Potential Benefit
CAI.IND.4.3   Carefully Consider Public Actions that Displace Existing Viable Industrial Firms
CAI.IND.4.4   When Displacement Does Occur, Attempt to Relocate Desired Firms within the City
CAI.IND.4.5   Control Encroachment of Incompatible Land Uses on Viable Industrial Activity
CAI.IND.4.6   Assist in the Provision of Available Land for Site Expansion
CAI.IND.4.7   Improve Public and Private Transportation to and from Industrial Areas
CAI.IND.4.8   Provide for the Adequate Security of Employees and Property
CAI.IND.4.9   Maintain a Competitive Tax Structure for Industrial Uses
CAI.IND.4.10   Enhance the Working Environment within Industrial Areas
CAI.IND.4.11   Maintain an Adequate Supply of Space for Incubator Industries
CAI.MAR Maritime
CAI.MAR.5   Realize the City's Full Maritime Potential
CAI.MAR.5.1   Develop and Implement a Comprehensive Long-range Maritime Development Program
CAI.MAR.5.2   Create and Enhance the Port's Competitive Advantages
CAI.MAR.5.3   Aggressively Market Existing Maritime Facilities
CAI.MAR.5.4   Avoid Actions which May Serve to Displace Desired Existing Maritime Uses
CAI.MAR.5.5   Assure Adequate Funding of the Port
CAI.MAR.5.6   Foster the Relation of Maritime Activity to Other Segments of San Francisco Economy
CAI.MAR.5.7   Restore the Fishing Industry in San Francisco
CAI.MAR.5.8   Encourage Maritime Activity which Complements Visitor Activity and Resident Recreation
CAI.MAR.5.9   Reestablish Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard
CAI.MAR.5.10   Increase Cooperation Among Bay Ports
CAI.MAR.5.11   Pursue Permitted Non-maritime Development on Port Properties
CAI.DWN Downtown Office and Retail
CAI.NBC Neighborhood Commerce
CAI.NBC.6   Strengthen Viable Neighorhood Economic Activity
CAI.NBC.6.1   Maintain the Provision of Neighborhood-serving Goods and Services
CAI.GAL   Guidelines For All Uses
CAI.GSU   Guidelines For Specific Uses
CAI.NBC.6.2   Promote Neighborhood Commercial District Entrepreneurship
CAI.NBC.6.3   Preserve and Promote the Mixed Commercial-Residential Character
CAI.GRC   Guidelines for Residential Conversions
CAI.GRD   Guidelines for Residential Demolitions
CAI.NBC.6.4   Encourage the Location of Neighborhood Shopping Areas
CAI.NBC.6.5   Discourage Major new Commercial areas except with new Residential Development and Transportation Capacity
CAI.NBC.6.6   Adopt Specific Zoning Districts in Conformance with Plans
CAI.NBC.6.7   Promote High Quality Urban Design on Commercial Streets
CAI.UDG   Urban Design Guidelines
CAI.NBC.6.8   Preserve Historically and/or Architecturally Important Buildings and Sites
CAI.CSV   Conservation Guidelines
CAI.NBC.6.9   Regulate Uses so that Traffic Impacts and Parking Problems are Minimized
CAI.NBC.6.10   Promote Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization
CAI.GVT Government, Health and Educational Services
CAI.GVT.7   Enhance the City's Position as a National Institutional Center
CAI.GVT.7.1   Promote San Francisco, Particularly the Civic Center, for Governmental Functions
CAI.GVT.7.2   Encourage the Extension of Needed Health and Educational Services
CAI.GVT.7.3   Promote the Provision of Adequate Health and Educational Services
CAI.VIS Visitor Trade
CAI.VIS.8   Enhance the City's Position as a National Visitor Destination
CAI.VIS.8.1   Minimize the Adverse Impacts of Tourist-Related Activities
CAI.VIS.8.2   Support Local Tourism Initiatives
CAI.VIS.8.3   Provide Adequate Public Services for Residents and Visitors