Civic Center
Objectives and Policies
  Reinforce the Civic Center as the Symbolic and Cermonial Center of the City
  Emphasize Key Public Buildings
  Maintain the Formal Architectural Character
CIV.OBJ.1.3   Design Buildings and Areas to Serve as Public Gathering Places
CIV.OBJ.1.4   Provide a Sense of Identity and Cohesiveness through Design Treatments
CIV.OBJ.1.5   Maintain the Existing Street Pattern
CIV.OBJ.2   Develop the Civic Center as a Cohesive Area for Administrative Functions
CIV.OBJ.2.1   Design the Civic Center to Promote Administrative Convenience
CIV.OBJ.2.2   Locate Civic Cultural Facilities in the Civic Center
CIV.OBJ.2.3   Encourage Activity "Spheres of Influence"
CIV.OBJ.2.4   Encourage Administrative-Oriented Government Functions to Locate in the Civic Center
CIV.OBJ.3   Provide Convenient Access to and Circulation within the Civic Center
CIV.OBJ.3.1   Locate Buildings with Large Numbers of Users with Convenient Access to Transportation
CIV.OBJ.3.2   Allow an increase in short term parking supply when it builds on existing supply...
CIV.OBJ.3.3   Provide and Price Parking for Short-Term Visitor Use
CIV.OBJ.3.4   Encourage Privately-Operated Support and Service Establishments
CIV.OBJ.4   Protect and Enhance the Housing Resource in the Civic Center Area
CIV.OBJ.4.1   Conserve and Upgrade Existing Low and Moderate Income Housing
CIV.OBJ.4.2   Encourage New Infill Housing at a Compatible Density